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9 February, 2023

Why to choose an independent agent instead of a larger agency?

„I leave it in your capable hands, Szilvia” told me several times Irish clients at the beginning of my career which I will always remember.

2 February, 2023

Buyers, get ready for 2023!

Last year was so busy that I did not have time to write any posts unfortunately. Let me sum up now briefly what happened on the market in the last year and what can we expect from this year.

26 January, 2021

The ad prices of apartments are public, but what are the actual sales prices?

As I received the above question many times I thought to give you a little insight into the prices at which flats are actually sold. It will help you to know the REALISTIC VALUE of your property and have realistic expectations.

19 November, 2020

Hope for a better 2021

What a year we had! 2020 we will never forget. And it is still not over, we have more than a month ahead. In March, I felt like becoming part of a movie. Virus. Masks everywhere. Distance keeping. Borders closed. Schools closed. Shops are cleared out by a mass of buyers. Is it real?

3 July, 2020

How is the property market affected by the Corona virus?

Facts and figures of the past months which can answer your questions about the current market trends.

3 March, 2020

How many years of work is needed to buy an apartment?

The leading real estate portal of Hungary just published an article to show how much years of work is needed to buy an apartment in Budapest and other major cities in the country. They made also a comparison with the value of our money 5 years ago, in 2015.

27 January, 2020

2020, the kick-off

How did the real estate market start in the New Year? The expected fall back has really reached Budapest?

4 November, 2019

Fall in Budapest

What was before? The egg or the hen? Do you have this saying in your culture?

15 July, 2019

Summer in the city

Where do the prices go this year?

29 April, 2019

Is it a good time to sell my apartment?

A sparrow today is better than a bustard tomorrow said my father often.

16 March, 2019

Why to invest in Budapest instead of other cities?

The best kept secrets of the Budapest real estate market.

20 February, 2019

When do I need to be suspicious?

Responsibility of an agent when giving valuation and later

4 February, 2019

How can an agent help me during the sale of my apartment?

Being grateful for the trust of clients

10 January, 2019

What to buy in Budapest?

No matter how much money you have available to buy a flat, you need to make a compromise, but make a good compromise!