9 February, 2023

Why to choose an independent agent instead of a larger agency?

„I leave it in your capable hands, Szilvia” told me several times Irish clients at the beginning of my career which I will always remember.

Recently I had a lovely meeting with a spanish young man who lived in Budapest for few years, purchased a nice quality home and now after having left the country, he sought for an honest agent whom he can work with to sell his apartment.

He explained to me on our first meeting why he decided to work with me instead of a large company. Having mentioned several reasons which I will list later, I believe the most important he was searching for is a DEDICATED person who CARES about his flat.

I have now 18 years of EXPERIENCE of the market and I am not only the face of a company but I am the person who is actually dealing with the sales and purchases. Sellers and buyers are in DIRECT CONTACT with me. I am AVAILABLE through several channels, I am here to answer questions, provide continuous information about the progress and HELP with any kind of questions arisen during the sales process.

Your apartment or property search is not just one more in a big bulk, but it always in my FOCUS as I do not work with a large portfolio. In big companies it happens all the time that you talk to one person, but it is a different person who shows the apartment to the potential buyers without having all the relevant information about the property. There is no agent who knows all the 300 or 4,000 apartments for sale which is in the portfolio of large agencies. Also the fluctuation of employees is huge in big companies and you do not have information about the professional knowledge and experience of each employee who works with your apartment.

You are in contact only with me, all information are with ONE PERSON. It can be very tiring being in contact with several agents and branch offices, providing the same information or documentation many times to different collegues and answering questions which you have answered already couple of times. EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION is what I find important.

Some people think that a large company sells the apartment easier as they have more offices, but those times past when the number of offices made a difference. Buyers search online and those apartments will be SOLD AT A BETTER PRICE which are priced well, advertised professionally and presented in a correct way. Not offices make a difference, but the knowledge and PERSONALITY of the agent.

What I can offer is that you can lie back without having unnecessary phone calls, emails, confusion and misunderstandings, WITHOUT STRESS during the entire sales process.

As my husband is a LAWYER, everything is handled UNDER ONE ROOF, if you wish so.

Most of my clients are referred to me by ex-clients for whom I was working in the past and this is the best feedback I can ever receive from them. Others find me through my webpage or other real estate portals. In any cases, I can not be GRATEFUL enough to meet so many nice people from all over the world, from all kind of cultures who TRUST in my knowledge and professionalism more than in a real estate franchise brand or in a nice office.

At the beginning of my career I was working with several Irish clients, some of them became friends of mine and I can still hear they telling me „I leave it in your capable hands, Szilvia”. I believe feeling this trust is what gives me the most joy during my work and I THANK YOU also here for all my clients in the past and in the future for giving me this trust.