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your apartment

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If you wish to advertise your apartment both for local
and international buyers, then you are at the right place.

I use all kinds of different channels to find the best buyer for your flat. I advertise online locally and internationally. Through partnerships with all relevant local agencies, management companies, lawyers, accountants, my flats are offered to their clients as well. The whole market is covered.

After having visited your apartment you can expect from me not only a reliable property valuation but also professional advise how to present your apartment to potential buyers, when is the best time to put it on the market, who can be your target group etc.

You will be continuously informed about each visit, client and step of the sales process till the keys of your apartment are handed over to the buyer. If you do not wish or do not have the time to come to Budapest, you can receive the purchase price to your bank account without travelling to Budapest. With a proper Power of Attorney an English speaking lawyer can represent you during the entire procedure.

I am happy to provide you with references if you ask for.

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A property is worth as much as a buyer
is ready to pay for it.


Property valuation

You can expect to receive the real value of
your property. Not less. Not more.

Finding a Buyer

Your flat will be offered both for local
and international clients.


You will be guided through the
sales process by providing
information about every step.


English speaking lawyer’s services
are offered to all our clients.

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