A good property
manager is a must

If you do not live in Budapest you need to
contract a property manager to sleep well

Property rental and management companies are usually the same. Their services are rather diversified. Finding a tenant into your apartment is one thing, managing it properly and continuously is another.

It is essential that you make personal contact with the appointed agent and you keep contact with him regularly.

Management companies take off your shoulder the hassle of monthly visits of your flat, collection of rents from tenants, payments of utilities and building charges, arrangement of an insurance policy or BER certificate, cleaning, fixing or renovating the apartment. They provide you accounting or tax consultant service if needed or represent you at the meeting of the condominium.

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Do you offer management services?

At the moment I do not deal with property management, but I can recommend you reliable companies.

What are the fees of property management companies?

In general the property management cost is 10% of the monthly rent for long-term rentals. It is 20-25% of the rent in case of tourist rentals.

How can I change property management company?

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