4 February, 2019

How can an agent help me during the sale of my apartment?

Being grateful for the trust of clients

I am so grateful for my clients as I keep experience how much they trust in my professional opinion and accept my advice. Being a real estate agent is a highly responsible work where you need to have a proper overview of the market and where you need to be able to work with people. I find both of them equally important.

I have to admit that many agents could be more qualified, more experienced or more emphatic. The real estate market in Hungary is quite young in general. If we consider 1990, the date of the democratic transformation as the birth of the competitive real estate market, then it is still only 29 years old. It is getting mature just now. Fluctuation of employees in agencies is very high which results in a high number of agents only with small experience. The possible achievement of high income attracts all kind of people from different work field to start a real estate career and many of them quit in a year without investing more time for the envisioned success.

However if you find an agent with years of experience, professional sales skills and pleasant attitude then he/she will be of your great help which will be realized in a higher sales price and more EUR in your pockets at the end of the sale. To achieve that an agent needs to recognize immediately what are the advantages of a property, what kind of buyers can be expected, when it can be sold to achieve the highest price and how to make the buyer pay more than he ever wanted.

An apartment with huge spaces can be perfect for elegant home seekers, but also for Airbnb investors who would like to place 3-4 beds in a room or an office tenant. Every apartment has pros and contras and we have to know how to live with the pros and how to turn the negatives into positives. Building central heating is less favourable than having an own heating system as its monthly cost is higher. It is true, but I keep reminding my buyers that in case of a central heating, you do not have to pay for a chimney certificate every year and you do not have to invest lot of money into a new gas boiler when it is broken or into filing the entire chimney if you bought a flat where it is not done yet. Another example is the North facing apartment which most people do not like but many foreign buyers do not think that Budapest is quite hot in the summer and South-West facing windows can make the rooms extremely hot.

An agent has to know also when to put a flat on the market. Most flats have much better light from spring till autumn. But there are exceptions. A flat on a beautiful tree lined street can be really dark once the trees become green, while they are bright enough after the leaves fell down. A centrally located flat can be unbearable loud with the increased tourist traffic while during the early season the noise of the street is absolutely tolerable.

Beyond knowing all the little tricks like showing an apartment only in those hours when the sun shines in the apartment, when the traffic is low, when the neighbour brings his dog for a walk, the church bells are not ringing next door but a soft classical music is on in the livingroom and chocolate cookies are smelling from the kitchen, the agent has a huge role in achieving the best final price for the property.

Against many property owners, the agents are not emotionally attached to the property which makes them a better negotiator. I experienced many times that sellers and buyers who are involved personally in a sale or purchase cannot represent their own interests as much as a third person. Trust your agent wants to have not a quick deal but the best deal for you!

Hereby I would like to thank again my clients for all the trust I have been given.